Cures Act and The Patient Power Game in Digital Healthcare Industry

Our society is turning into a Digital Society. The Healthcare Medical industry is also changing very rapidly. People have shifted their interest from traditional mode to digitalization, moreover on the social media via with the dense usability of mobile devices and internet. For instance, look around you.  At a traffic stoplight, look to your left; you will probably see a woman checking her email on her iPhone; look to your right, you will probably see a man sending a text or responding to one while waiting for the red light to turn green. Not a good idea while you are driving, but it is happening.  You will also see more and more people using devices like Siri, Alexa, and Digital Personal Assistants.  So, as a Healthcare Medical Provider, Doctor, Dentist, or any medical service provider, you have to realize that you have three relative options.

  1. Ignore the digital change.
  2. Accept it, and do the minimum to stay relevant.
  3. Compete and win in the digital age.

Talking about competence and getting upgraded in this digital game, it has become of utmost significance to empower the other edge of the Healthcare Industry, i.e., Patients. The emergence of the Cures Act Final Rule (December 2016) allows patients to provide data digitally, opening up windows of various marketing opportunities in a more distinctive way. Client satisfaction and retention can be varied by the primarily online presence and the service quality. In short, it’s high time to get equipped digitally and gain a competitive advantage.

Keeping the benefits in view, the Final Rule will benefit all the stakeholders in the US healthcare system in various ways once it gets implemented!

According to the 21st Century Cures Act (December 2016), the patient is the critical element. Providing patients control over their health records and giving a proper digital mechanism to the patients is a massive step towards a value-based healthcare system.  The easy access to the relevant information makes the Patient Power game more effective and thus, enables the healthcare system to deliver the appended benefits:

  • Transparency into the cost and outcomes of their care.
  • Competitive options in getting medical care
  • Modern smartphone apps provide them easy access to their records
  • Protecting Patient Privacy and Security
  • A platform that provides patients, physicians, hospitals, payers, and employers with information depicting innovation and better choices.

In a nutshell, the Final Rule has given the healthcare technology ecosystem a new dimension by promoting innovation and delivering better information to patients and physicians. Additionally, it promotes convenience, transparency, and usage of modern IT gadgets and software to provide opportunities for the local people of America to get a good grip on the quality of services and overall healthcare cost analysis.