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Why Should You Outsource Anesthesiology Billing Services?

Is your current Anesthesiology Billing Service not fulfilling your expectations? Do the billing reports and filings lack accuracy? Well, anesthesiologists and medical facilities generally deal with this problem. Medical specialty billing for anesthesia, in particular, poses distinct issues due to the intricacies involved, which include time unit calculators, concurrency, and medical direction.


NEO MD has been pioneering in providing unmatched Anesthesia Billing Services for over 15 years. With over a decade of expertise providing Anesthesia Medical Billing Services to many healthcare organizations, we have established a deep understanding of the billing process, making us our clients’ preferred Anesthesiology Billing Services provider. If you outsource your Anesthesia Billing to NEO MD Medical Billing, you can put all your energy into running a successful practice and caring for your patients.

Why Is Anesthesia Billing Such a Hassle?

Anesthesia Billing is one of the most difficult aspects of medical billing and must be handled by specialists with sufficient skills. This type of billing takes into account every minor detail. For example, the amount of anesthetic administered to the patient is quite significant and must be noted in the claim to avoid denials. Having a professional Anesthesiology Billing Service provider is essential for obtaining the correct compensation without any errors or delays.

Steps involve in Anesthesia Billing.

Anesthesia Billing can be complex since it involves the documentation of a high number of records, such as:

  • Pre-operative Review. The pre-operative review consists of the patient’s and their family’s medical history and drug or tobacco habits that must be considered while calculating the required dosage of anesthetics.
  • Anesthesia Sheet. The Anesthesia Billing sheet includes the following documentation:
  • Base Units:The base units describe the level of complexity and competence necessary for the anesthetic service provided. Every year, the CMS publishes the base units.
  • Time Units:This is the duration of time spent with the patient before, after, or during the operation providing anesthetics or monitoring the patient’s condition. The total minutes of service are divided by 15 to determine time units.
  • Modifiers:Anesthesia “provision/supervision” modifiers (-AA, -QK, -QY, -QZ, and -QX) explain the anesthesiologist’s role and CRNA. These modifiers are critical for determining whether an anesthetic procedure was individually conducted, medically directed, or overseen by an anesthesiologist. 
  • Formula:(Base Units + Time Units + Modifiers) x Conversion Factor = Anesthesia Reimbursement
  • Bundled services:Do not bill the following procedures in conjunction with anesthesia.
  • Do not bill for the Injection of diagnostic or therapeutic substances along with anesthesia procedures (62320 – 62321 and 62324 – 62325)
  • Laryngoscopy (31505, 31515, 31527)
  • Nerve Blocks (64400 – 64530)
  • Bronchoscopy (31622, 31645, 31646)
  • Transesophageal Echo (TEE) (93312 – 93318)
  • Post-operative Review: The post-operative review consists of records stating that the patient has not suffered any complications due to the anesthetic administered.

The potential of Anesthesiology Billing Services to generate and collect revenue is critical to its success. Outsourcing your billing and coding needs will allow you to focus on providing better patient care. NEO MD Medical Billing is a group of specialists that have received specific training in billing for Anesthesiology services.

The Benefits of Putting Your Billing Needs in Our Hands!

We provide comprehensive Anesthesiology Billing Services and are a reliable partner for practices and businesses throughout the United States. We invest tremendous effort to ensure that our clients’ costs are precisely billed and that we obtain the maximum reimbursement. Our key points are as follows:

  • Follow-up on incomplete prescription with the physician’s office
  • Regular audit compliance and coding evaluations.
  • Employ industry best billing practices and reimbursement regulations.
  • 100% HIPAA compliance
  • Have proven experience in coding for anesthesia and pain control.
  • Primary and secondary insurance verification
  • Ensure review of all anesthesia/medical documentation for supporting documents.
  • Successfully opening Insurance Panels for Providers
  • Claims submission within 48 hours of receiving proof of delivery
  • Timely payment posting to reflect accurate AR
  • CANPC-certified coders capable of assigning correct CPT and ASA codes.
  • Denial management based on detailed analysis

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    Stop The Battle Against Payers and Denied Anesthesiology Billing Claims!

    NEO MD Experts don’t just do medical billing; we perform regular evaluation and management audits, increase charges and payments and decrease controllable loss adjustments. We simplify insurance payments by eliminating uncertainty. Our Anesthesiology Billing specialists analyze and evaluate each claim in great detail. Our constant analysis of reimbursement trends enables us to develop a reimbursement model that is ideally suited for your Anesthesiology practice. Now that you have ample time to take that weekend trip, you can stop worrying about making insurance payments.

    Top Motivations to Outsource Anesthesiology Billing Services to NEO MD

    We provide clients with very affordable Anesthesiology Billing Services and support. The following are some advantages of using our services:


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