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NEO MD Revenue Cycle Management Process in Medical Billing takes care of the financial cycle management of the practice that streamlines the core medical billing processes, guarantees sturdy collections and provides financial stability and transparency.

NEO MD Medical Billing Services:

Why Outsource Medical Billing Services to NEO MD INC

NEO MD hires a well-qualified billing expert staff that can handle any specialty billing with significant accuracy and efficiency. The company has rendered its services in more than 27 states and has more than 150 successful clients. Outsource your medical billing services to a team that works meticulously with providers to drop the stress of the billing process and boost up the revenue collections ratio.

Key Performance Indicators

With the changing dynamics in Healthcare Industry, from robust improvements in medical regulations to varied technological solutions, NEO MD is competently enhancing their work force expertise and capabilities to stand prominent and distinctive in the market.

NEO MD Medical Billing Metrics or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) assist the practices to analyze and determine their revenue cycle and gives insights to increase the collections and enhance the overall productivity.

What is Revenue Cycle Management in Medical Billing?

Revenue cycle management is the financial process used by healthcare institutions to track patient care events from registration and appointment scheduling through final payment of a balance using medical billing software.

What is Revenue Cycle Management Process?

Revenue cycle management software encompasses more than just billing procedures, while billing is central to it. An RCM system assists you with many elements of managing your practice’s finances. Billing, coding, collections, compliance, and data analytics are all included.

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How to get Authorization in Medical Billing?

Authorization in medical billing (prior or retro) may be obtained in a number of ways, including but not limited to electronically (by submitting a specific form) or over the phone (over the call). CPTs and ICDs are required items that must be authorized.
Electronically: – While submitting the medical billing authorization form electronically, all insurance guidelines are considered i.e. (filling all mandatory columns/boxes),
Telephonically: – Through call authorization, only mandatory information is communicated to insurance.

How to bill a claim under NP (Nurse Practitioner)?

NP (Nurse Practitioner) claims may be submitted through many ways out of which 02 are listed below”-
[A] By adding Nurse Practitioner information in box number 24-j and NP signature in BOX 31 of CMS-1500 and refereeing provider information in BOX  17.
(Referring provider is a supervisor physician under whom supervision NP is providing services).
[B] By adding Supervisor physician information in box number 24-j and Supervisor physician signature in BOX 31 of CMS-1500. Medical Records signed by NP and countersigned by Supervisor physician.

How to find out provider Enrolment?

There are two ways to confirm provider enrolment,
Through Portal
Following guidelines to be Followed;
·         Visit the insurance website for which we want to confirm provider enrolment status
·         Go with finding a provider option
·         Select speciality (Medical, Dental, Mental, etc. if required)
·         Then select area location by adding City, state, or zip code
·         Write down the name or facility for which you want to confirm enrollment status
If the name pop-up, then Provider enrolment is completed otherwise,  
Through Call
Call insurance and confirm from the claim department/enrolment department, whether the provider/facility is enrolled or not.

What is Revenue Cycle Management in Medical Billing?

Revenue cycle management in medical billing is the financial process healthcare institutions use to track patient care events from registration and appointment scheduling through final payment of a balance using medical billing software.

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