Medical Transcription

Transcribing Medical Reports that are Dictated by
Physicians, Nurses and other Healthcare Practitioners.


Go Transcript, have several specialized medical transcriptionists that have years of field experience and have the potency to do exceptional work at transcribing your medical records. We fully cognize that the medical field requires focused attention and precision, and this displays in the quality of our services.

You can be certain that we will start to work with your order when we get it at a 6-12 hours turnaround. At any time, there are transcribers who are expecting a transcription order and will start running on it without delay. For the best efficiency, we divide the audio file into sections and supply them to different experts in order that the activity might be finished as quickly as possible.

when all the portions are transcribed, the operation supervisor puts all of the textual content in one report to make a consistent and proficient medical transcription.