Front Office Management


Front Office Management

Boost up revenue and reduces cost with Immaculate patient intake!

Front office management plays an important role in your medical practice. The front desk crew is the “face” of your office, as well as the greeters who make patients feel at ease. They also play significant role in assisting patients in better understanding their plans and enhancing processes that can help you minimize denials and improve the way of collecting your payments.

NEO MD front office management team is experienced in patient scheduling, immaculate data entry, patients’ insurance eligibility and pre-authorization which drops the claim denial ratio and considerably surges practice revenue. Other tasks include Patient Calling, Appointment Reminder Calls, Authorization, Surgery Scheduling, Co-payment Posting, Payment Recovery, RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring), CCM (Chronic Care Management) Data Migration, and Documentation Management. Having thorough and correct patient information in hand from the start helps in providing an effective medical billing procedure. The front desk staff is responsible for collecting all necessary data and ensuring that the data provided by patients is authentic.

The front office desk is considered the line of defense when it comes to gathering accurate patient data!

Patient Scheduling

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  1. Patient scheduling is a prime task of front desk management, and covid 19 proved to be the leveraging force behind it, as patient calls were not answered and even denied during a pandemic. 
  2. No worries, we have a team of professionally trained individuals who will not only assist the provider’s office but also schedule new patient appointments, reschedule the existing ones, or cancel if requested by the patient.
  3. We also work on the No Show ratio and take care of appointment reminder calls.
  4. Additionally, the NEO MD team can also assist your medical assistance staff with the medication refill requests of your patient so they can get their medicines without any delay.


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  1. NEO MD takes care of prior and retro authorization for surgeries, medicines, and procedures performed at the facility.
  2. We ensure effective medical authorization. In this matter, we stay in contact with insurance and submit the required information of the patient if needed!

Surgery Scheduling

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  1. Handling different software, and managing data manually during business hours, specifically, when patients are rushing into the clinic is quite a challenging task for the staff to do it.
  2. NEO MD has a team of experts who can take care of this imminent data migration work for you. From adding patient demographics to EHR to entering the information to any other PORTAL, we can be your savior.

Data Migration

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  1. The number of surgeries performed indicates the excellency of any specialist facility. We are well aware that coordination with the patient, provider, and the facility is the key to a smooth workflow.
  2. If the process is error and hassle-free then increasing the number of surgeries and handling the coordination would be piece of cake.
  3. NEO MD promises to streamline your workflows with the help of our knowledgeable and experienced FOM team.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

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  1. RPM devices help you treat your patients better by keeping an eye on their diabetes, blood pressure, heart, lung, heart rate, and fall risk.
  2.  Furthermore, changes in weight over time by providing the right monitoring device to the patient with their relevant health problems can be observed.
  3. All of the readings captured by the (remote patient monitoring) devices are a time-consuming task to analyze thoroughly.
  4. Don’t panic, Our NEO MD professional could interpret your data and will ensure your maximum availability to patients in the clinic.

Chronic Care Management (CCM)

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  1. Chronic Care Management can boost your monthly revenue of the practice if you have Medicare patients with 2 or more chronic diseases expected to last 12 months or until the death of the patient.
  2. Our expert can easily verify patient chronic eligibility, review their documents, engagement of patients, record each call, and medication reconciliation.
  3. We can take care of calling those patients and update you on their health situation.

Add Ons


Insurance Eligibility Management

We make sure zero insurance denials by attaining eligibility verification from insurance companies prior to the patient’s appointment.



Forward medication refill requests to medical assistants in a timely manner.

NEO MD team is fully aware of the process and shows no delay in prescription forwarding.


Co-Payment Posting

The scheduled patient pays their co-pay either by cash or credit card.

Once the doctor’s office shares the list of the patients with amounts with NEO MD, our expert initializes the process and updates/posts the payment against their billing records.


Payment Recovery

If you have patients with an outstanding balance then you don’t need to be worry,

NEO MD Professionals will reach out to the patient for an outstanding balance on behalf of the provider office to recover that due payment either by online payment or by cheque.

Our expert ensures smooth payment recovery and updates patient billing records in the system.


Deliver Monthly Reports on Your Health Practice

These reports comprise the number of appointments booked, common complaints, number of calls received, problems encounter by the patients, etc.


Monitoring Call Quality for Compliance &Audit

All calls are recorded and saved for 3 months. they’re monitored with the aid of our professional medical control team, for compliance & audit.