Medical Front Office Management

Collaborate with our medical front office services & be the leader in winning the patient’s confidence right at the first interaction.

Improve Practice Workflow with Effective Medical Front Office Staff

NEO MD provides robust medical front desk management and manages all administrative activities for providers. With our highly trained team capable of managing medical front office tasks, you may increase the profitability of your organization.

NEO MD’s front office management team is experienced in patient scheduling, immaculate data entry, patients’ insurance eligibility, and pre-authorization, which drops the claim denial ratio and considerably boosts practice revenue. Having thorough and correct patient information in hand from the start helps in providing an effective medical billing procedure. The medical front office management staff is responsible for collecting all necessary data and ensuring that the data provided by patients is authentic.

The medical front desk is considered the line of defense
when it comes to gathering accurate patient data!

NEO MD Front Office Management Services

Check out what we do in our medical front office management services

Patient Scheduling

Our front desk management team gives priority to accurately managing patients’ phone calls digitally. NEO MD’s front desk team ensures that each call must be answered with accuracy in order to obtain the correct information.


NEO MD front desk staff take great care of prior and retro authorization for surgeries, medicines, and procedures performed at the facility. In this matter, we stay in contact with insurance and submit the required information of the patient if needed!

Surgery Scheduling

We have a team of experts skilled in different surgery scheduling and interpretation of data. Everything from receiving the referral from the primary care office to submitting medical records and confirming surgical appointments, we take care of the complete process.

Data Migration

NEO MD’s experts take greater care in handling and migrating patients’ data between the different software. Our robust workforce enables us to migrate data efficiently within the targeted time.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

The readings captured by the (remote patient monitoring) devices are a time-consuming task to analyze thoroughly. Don’t panic; our medical front desk professional can interpret your data and will make sure the provider’s office is well aware of the patient current condition.

Chronic Care Management (CCM)

Our medical front office management expert can easily verify chronic patient eligibility, review their documents, engagement of patients, record each call, and medication reconciliation. We can take care of calling those patients and update you on their health situation.


Our Front office management team is fully aware of the process and shows no delay in prescription forwarding. We forward medication refill requests to medical assistants in a timely manner.

Co-Payment Posting

As soon the doctor’s office forward the list of the patient’s amounts to NEO MD, our medical front office management professionals initialize the process and update/post the payment against their billing records.

Payment Recovery

If you have patients with an outstanding balance, then you don’t need to be worry, NEO MD Professionals will contact the patient on behalf of the provider's office to collect any outstanding balances.

Monitoring Call Quality for Compliance &Audit

All calls are recorded and saved for three months. They’re monitored with the aid of our professional medical control team for compliance & audit.

To boost the profitability of your practice, use our Front Desk Services

Testimonials & Reviews

Richard Rock

I would highly recommend NEO MD for medical billing services. Their professionalism and attention to detail are phenomenal. All personnel are courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable, with excellent customer service. Accounts Receivable have increased with very good follow-up on unpaid claims. It’s been 2 years; Neo MD has given me peace of mind.

Tina Parker

Our transition to NEO MD has been everything we expected… efficient, professional, and a learning experience.  Over the last 3 years, NEO MD has uncovered additional revenue opportunities that were previously being left on the table.  I highly recommend NEO MD as one of the best revenue cycle management companies, as it turned my drowning processes into productive ones.


I am writing this in regard of appreciation for the amount of efforts your billing staff has been put forth in the last few years. Quite recommendable! My overall collections have been tremendously doubled. Your continuous cooperation and expertise are highly appreciated


I started working with NEO MD last year, frustrated enough after two years of my previous experience with another billing company that was recommended by my colleagues. I shifted my interest towards Neo and it turned out to be the best choice so far


NeoMD dealt with my credentialing. The interaction was exceptionally smooth, they sent me the checklist when I signed up. Rest handled by their experienced resources and I was signed up with the insurances


I have been a client of Neo MD for about 3 years now. I feel incredibly fortunate to have such an outstanding group to handle the billing for my Home Health Agency. Over the previous years, as I have seen my revenues increase as a direct result of intelligent billing. NeoMD’s competent staff has remained unfailingly professional, cordial, and pro-active in dealing with our facility and has made a positive difference in our bottom line. Keep up the good work.


Surprisingly, Neo Md Inc credentialing team enrolled my Practice with Medicare and Medicaid within three weeks. I am really overwhelmed with their credentialing service and now have given them my Medical Billing too. Talking about the team in particular, I have found them energetic and knowledgeable in their domains with extra ordinary communication skills. Over all, a top-notch team of experts

Without reservation, I would recommend NEO MD, the best RCM company.”

I appreciate your prompt results on my Medicare inquiry. And I appreciate the quality work that you and your team have provided to the practice. We tried a couple of different insurance posting options before contracting with your company. We are delighted that we found your revenue cycle management company to assist us. We find your reports timely and informative. I will recommend your services, without reservation, to any of our physician friends who might be looking for a more reliable medical billing service.

Dr. Rock Arnold, DO | Mesquite, California

Reliable Billing Service saves our practice tens of thousands of dollars.

NEO MD Experts’ role has been vital to the success of the Highland OBGYN practice. NEO MD was able to take on our account quickly and has transitioned our practice from one software to another with little downtime, ultimately saving our practice tens of thousands of dollars. The NEO MD Medical Billing team has been the partner in my growing OBGYN practice as needed. Most important for me is their ability to provide us with redundancy when we otherwise wouldn’t have it. I couldn’t be more thankful for their dedication to our practice. Additionally, I thank their RCM Specialists, whom I think to provide unrivaled services compared to other revenue cycle management companies.

Mark Lowney OBGYN | Southcoast Health

Linda ROSE

We have been utilizing NEO-MD services for the past two years to get our practice compliant with MIPS reporting, and they have done a great job! I would recommend them for MIPS Reporting no matter which specialty you belong to.

Linda ROSE

Ministering Physicians, PA

Christina Ronk

I had the opportunity to work with Slade Wilson from NEO MD to assist me in our MIPS Healthcare compliance with CMS Regulations. Slade and his team were very professional and extremely helpful. As a result of working with him, we successfully got incentivized. The process was online, which saved tremendous time. I would certainly consider Slade and his team for ongoing MIPS Consultant Services! Additionally, they have been working with my practice staff to get them trained on the measures recommended by CMS.

Christina Ronk

RN, BSN, Practice Manager, Bay Area Gastroenterology

Dr. Elizabeth, Nephrologist, Texas.

Managing the documentation required for submitting claims and receiving timely payments was difficult. I enhanced the billing procedure and total collections thanks to NEO MD. They carefully consider each claim and correctly submit it. Additionally, their medical front office staffs are fantastic; they gave me enough free time to take care of patients and other activities.

Dr. Elizabeth, Nephrologist, Texas.

Dr. Erick Mull, Cardiologist, Ohio

Our revenues have increased, and I am now getting paid on schedule for my services. I’m delighted I chose NEO MD Mental Health Billing Services. It’s pretty configurable and gives me access to my practice workflow from anywhere. I am pleased to have selected NEO MD Medical Front Office and Billing services for my practice need.

Dr. Erick Mull, Cardiologist, Ohio

Tina Kumble

Prior to working with NEO MD, my practice was frequently plagued by billing-related challenges. It wasn’t just a question of going through the transcription record any longer, and I realized my team needed assistance. That’s when I decided to enlist NEO MD’s expertise and proven track record of medical transcriptions services. My team and I were able to gain a complete grasp of the bottlenecks in our system thanks to their review and analytics. The NEO MD Medical transcribers earned my confidence, and this is one of the most beneficial collaborations I’ve had with a healthcare medical transcription outsourcing services organization.

Tina Kumble

Medical Caregiver, San Diego, The US

Director, Kevin Rob

Initially, we assigned the responsibility of transcribing medical records to our in-house team of individuals. With the volume rising by the day, their task became more complex, and we began encountering errors such as sending transcribed files to the wrong location. This perplexity prompted us to entrust the work to a medical transcriptions company. Since then, NEO MD has demonstrated its trustworthiness as one of the reliable medical transcription companies, consistently providing us with correct, proactive, and fast transcribing services. Aside from doing great work, they have treated us as valued customers, which enhances our faith in this medical transcribing service provider.

Kevin Rob

Multispecialty Hospital, Georgia, US

JILLIAN Rachial MS, RD, California

“NEO MD Physician Credentialing Services was a lifesaver for me. As a freshly certified dietitian, it was difficult for me to start a private practice and figure out how to get credentialed by health insurance companies. The procedure was intimidating, but NEO MD came to my rescue! They offered fantastic customer service, kept me updated on my coverage status, and made the entire process smooth. I would absolutely recommend them to everyone I know, and I am grateful I was sent to them!”

JILLIAN Rachial MS, RD, California

Nutrition Specialist, Restorative Nutrition


“The NEO MD Physician Credentialing Services staff has extensive knowledge and expertise in all facets of the payer-provider application and credentialing process. The team at NEO MD has received national recognition from the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) for maintaining provider data in the CAQH Universal Provider Database program in a timely and correct manner over the course of several years. The NEO MD team has an exceptional capacity to guide provider credentialing papers to completion quickly because of their outstanding reputation among US health plan provider credentialing representatives. Furthermore, NEO MD has a robust Revenue cycle management and a customer-focused team that offers our associated physicians a helpful service.


Executive Director, Women & Infants PHO, Southcoast Health

Chris Morris

“In response to the COVID issue, we have increased our security and flexibility, moved to the cloud, and shifted to remote working. Again, with the guidance of NEO MD Medical Billing, we did not miss a single step. As NEO MD has proven repeatedly, they will be a trusted partner on this journey forward.”

Chris Morris

Nephrologist, MD, Ohio

Dr. Tina Parker

NEO MD has been an outstanding Healthcare IT Services Provider. Their team is professional, knowledgeable, and customer-service driven. NEO MD’s proactive, collaborative approach has been critical in helping us build an IT infrastructure that enables our success today and supports our long-term positioning strategy for the future.”

Dr. Tina Parker

Cardiologist, Georgia

Bernard Shaw

“NEO MD Experts’ role has been vital to the success of my Oncology practice. With little downtime, NEO MD was able to swiftly take up our account and transfer our practice from one software to another, eventually saving our clinic tens of thousands of dollars. The NEO MD Medical Billing staff has supported my growing Oncology practice as needed. The fact that they can provide us redundancy when we otherwise wouldn’t have it is what matters most to me. I thank their RCM Specialists, whom I think to offer unrivaled services compared to other revenue cycle management companies.”

Bernard Shaw

Oncologist, California


“The effectiveness of this medical billing company is something I could talk about for days. The majority of large medical billing companies take a long time to finish medical billing, leaving the client with problems with insurance payment revenue. The stated mission of NEO MD Medical Billing Services is to complete tasks as quickly, smoothly, and professionally as possible. They don’t spend any time filing insurance claims for medical treatment. I really start being paid a week after I email my medical bills to be finished. They aren’t hesitant to get their hands filthy at work, and they follow up on all unpaid claims and denials with equal speed.”


Cardiologist, Georgia

Richard Rock, M.D

NEO MD reports are objective, accurate, and timely. Prior to our engagement with NEO MD, Emergency Room Billing, coding, and collecting were a great deal of effort for us. Since we have been associated, the burden of trying to ensure the system continues to work has been lifted from us.”

Richard Rock, M.D.

Emergency Resources Group

Samuel Franky, MD

Four years ago, My ER revenue stood on the brink of chaos; I have tried to collaborate with many medical billing companies, but all in vain. Then one of my friends referred me to NEO MD. From that moment until now, my practice revenue has continuously been in a booming state. I am honestly grateful to NEO MD Emergency Room Billing Services experts for their dedicated support to my organization.

Samuel Franky, MD

Emergency Department, Texas

Ron Anderson

Our company has benefited dramatically from NEO MD’s Healthcare IT Services and world-class support. Since switching to NEO MD, we have improved network stability and increased security. Their IT business strategy and project implementation knowledge are vastly superior to our previous IT provider.

Ron Anderson

Manager, Building Changes

Kristie Parry

Technology is never trouble-free, but with their expertise in cloud services, high-level tech support, and custom applications, NEO MD has delivered repeatedly. They’ve been an excellent investment for us. Their unrivaled Healthcare IT Solutions boost my revenue beyond my expectation.

Kristie Parry

Overlake Internal Med.


We owe NEO MD for helping us streamline and improve our medical billing process. It was challenging for a single practitioner to prioritize the Quality of patient care while simultaneously creating a comprehensive billing system that complied with all relevant regulatory requirements. The professionals created a system that included all the required procedures, including preserving co-pay information, generating claims in the acceptable NUCC format, checking the accuracy of bills, and transmitting claims electronically. NEO MD is a top pick for medical billing services for practices.


West Virginia, The US

Dr. Rock Arnold

I am writing this in regard to my appreciation for the amount of effort your billing staff has put forth in the last few years. Quite recommendable! My overall collections have been tremendously doubled. Your continuous cooperation and expertise are highly appreciated.

Dr. Rock Arnold, DO | Mesquite, California

Minnesota, the US

NEO MD; A Reliable Medical Front Office and Billing Partner

NEO MD Medical Billing offers providers robust front office management services because they understand all the practice procedures. In addition, our medical front desk services enable practitioners to increase cash flow and achieve faster turnaround times. As your front office assistant, practices can reduce rejections and submit clean claims. Our proven medical front office and billing track record help you increase practice productivity by enhancing the revenue cycle.

So Free Yourself for delivering quality care by Outsourcing your Medical Front Office Management Activities to Our Experts!

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