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Are administrative obligations deterring your growth as a healthcare organization? Medical billing, insurance follow-up, claims to process, and a whole range of such administrative functions can waste valuable time that you should be dedicated wholly to your healthcare practice. Get the most practical and profitable solution for this predicament by outsourcing your medical billing services to an experienced medical billing company.
NEO MD is a medical billing company specializing in Medical Billing and integrative medical services. We recognize that transparency and expert knowledge are critical to your practice’s success. We have a one-stop solution for all your practice needs.

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    Evolving Solutions for New to Established Medical Practices

    From credentialing to SEO-based Web development, medical billing to Front office Management, and CCM TO MIPS consultation, NEO MD is providing EVERYTHING under one Assigned Account Manager. Amazing, right? Who doesn’t want to grab such an opportunity? We are just one call away to get this ALL-IN-ONE amazing package. Want to hear more? "If your current Billing system is not working properly, let NEO MD analyze your practice and present you the loop wholes in your current medical billing."

    Want to provide the best patient care and earn profitability? Then, you are in need to run the practice smoothly. Get your entire workflow simplified from scheduling to revenue cycle management, claims submissions and reviews, and clinical documentation to patient communications. Have to deal with a lot? Not to worry, NEO MD Medical Billing has your back!

    What our clients say about Our Services

    Richard Rock

    I would highly recommend NEO MD for medical billing services. Their professionalism and attention to detail are phenomenal. All personnel are courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable, with excellent customer service. Accounts Receivable have increased with very good follow-up on unpaid claims. It’s been 2 years; Neo MD has given me peace of mind.

    Tina Parker

    Our transition to NEO MD has been everything we expected… efficient, professional, and a learning experience.  Over the last 3 years, NEO MD has uncovered additional revenue opportunities that were previously being left on the table.  I highly recommend NEO MD as one of the best revenue cycle management companies, as it turned my drowning processes into productive ones.


    I am writing this in regard of appreciation for the amount of efforts your billing staff has been put forth in the last few years. Quite recommendable! My overall collections have been tremendously doubled. Your continuous cooperation and expertise are highly appreciated


    I started working with NEO MD last year, frustrated enough after two years of my previous experience with another billing company that was recommended by my colleagues. I shifted my interest towards Neo and it turned out to be the best choice so far


    NeoMD dealt with my credentialing. The interaction was exceptionally smooth, they sent me the checklist when I signed up. Rest handled by their experienced resources and I was signed up with the insurances


    I have been a client of Neo MD for about 3 years now. I feel incredibly fortunate to have such an outstanding group to handle the billing for my Home Health Agency. Over the previous years, as I have seen my revenues increase as a direct result of intelligent billing. NeoMD’s competent staff has remained unfailingly professional, cordial, and pro-active in dealing with our facility and has made a positive difference in our bottom line. Keep up the good work.


    Surprisingly, Neo Md Inc credentialing team enrolled my Practice with Medicare and Medicaid within three weeks. I am really overwhelmed with their credentialing service and now have given them my Medical Billing too. Talking about the team in particular, I have found them energetic and knowledgeable in their domains with extra ordinary communication skills. Over all, a top-notch team of experts

    Without reservation, I would recommend NEO MD, the best RCM company.”

    I appreciate your prompt results on my Medicare inquiry. And I appreciate the quality work that you and your team have provided to the practice. We tried a couple of different insurance posting options before contracting with your company. We are delighted that we found your revenue cycle management company to assist us. We find your reports timely and informative. I will recommend your services, without reservation, to any of our physician friends who might be looking for a more reliable medical billing service.

    Dr. Rock Arnold, DO | Mesquite, California

    Reliable Billing Service saves our practice tens of thousands of dollars.

    NEO MD Experts’ role has been vital to the success of the Highland OBGYN practice. NEO MD was able to take on our account quickly and has transitioned our practice from one software to another with little downtime, ultimately saving our practice tens of thousands of dollars. The NEO MD Medical Billing team has been the partner in my growing OBGYN practice as needed. Most important for me is their ability to provide us with redundancy when we otherwise wouldn’t have it. I couldn’t be more thankful for their dedication to our practice. Additionally, I thank their RCM Specialists, whom I think to provide unrivaled services compared to other revenue cycle management companies.

    Mark Lowney OBGYN | Southcoast Health

    Linda ROSE

    We have been utilizing NEO-MD services for the past two years to get our practice compliant with MIPS reporting, and they have done a great job! I would recommend them for MIPS Reporting no matter which specialty you belong to.

    Linda ROSE

    Ministering Physicians, PA

    Christina Ronk

    I had the opportunity to work with Slade Wilson from NEO MD to assist me in our MIPS Healthcare compliance with CMS Regulations. Slade and his team were very professional and extremely helpful. As a result of working with him, we successfully got incentivized. The process was online, which saved tremendous time. I would certainly consider Slade and his team for ongoing MIPS Consultant Services! Additionally, they have been working with my practice staff to get them trained on the measures recommended by CMS.

    Christina Ronk

    RN, BSN, Practice Manager, Bay Area Gastroenterology

    Dr. Elizabeth, Nephrologist, Texas.

    Managing the documentation required for submitting claims and receiving timely payments was difficult. I enhanced the billing procedure and total collections thanks to NEO MD. They carefully consider each claim and correctly submit it. Additionally, their medical front office staffs are fantastic; they gave me enough free time to take care of patients and other activities.

    Dr. Elizabeth, Nephrologist, Texas.

    We Offer ALL in One






    Patient Eligibility & Benefits Verification
    Medical Coding Review by Certified-Coders
    Charge Entry
    Electronic & Paper Claims Submission
    EDI Rejections Management
    Payment Posting
    Accounts Receivable (AR) Management
    Claims Denial Management
    Patient Statements Verification
    Patient Paper Statements
    Patient Inquires (Patient Help Desk)
    Patient Collection
    Old Aging Analysis & Claims Follow Up
    Business Intelligence Reports (Standard & Customized)
    Practice Management Consultation
    Dedicated Account Manager
    Responsive Customer Service
    Credentialing & Enrollment Services
    Client Website
    Logo & Stationary Design

    Professional Medical Billing Company

    To improve your financial position and free you up to focus on delivering clinical care and managing your business, NEO MD offers a comprehensive revenue cycle management solution. We provide end-to-end medical billing Services, including patient input, coding, electronic claim submission, payment posting, denial management, collections, and more. NEO MD Medical Billing also provides consultative services, including credentialing, MIPS Consulting, reviewing and negotiating insurance contracts. All in All, we are a one-stop solution to medical practice demands regardless of their size and specialties.

    Learn more about our medical billing outsourcing solutions or contact us today.


    Medical billing and coding are the processes that convert a patient encounter into the languages used by healthcare facilities for claim submission and reimbursement.
    Medical billing: Medical billing refers to the procedure through which healthcare companies submit claims to payers and charge patients for their financial obligations.
    Medical Coding: The process of medical coding begins with a patient visit at a doctor’s office, hospital, or other healthcare facility. When a patient interaction happens, clinicians document the visit or treatment in the patient’s medical record and explain why they provided certain services, goods, or procedures.
    Medical billing and Coding process run side by side until the Physician provided services to the patient turn into account reimbursement.

    Medical bills typically appear on credit reports only if you do not pay them and your healthcare provider turns the account over to a collection agency. According to Equifax, this is because most healthcare providers do not report to the three main credit bureaus.

    If the medical bill is yours, the data is correct, and you owe the money, debt collectors may contact you to try to collect it. They may sue you for the money, and if they win, they may garnish your salary or place a lien on your home.

    No. You cannot be imprisoned just because you owe money on a credit card or a dental bill. Only when someone commits tax fraud, fails to answer a court order or subpoena in a debt matter, or fails to pay child support or court penalties and restitution will they go to jail for debt issues.

    You may qualify for an independent dispute resolution (IDR) through New York State for plans issued or renewed before January 1, 2022, by completing an IDR application to dispute the bill.

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