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With the changing dynamics in Healthcare Industry, from robust improvements in medical regulations to varied technological solutions, NEO MD is competently enhancing their work force expertise and capabilities to stand prominent and distinctive in the market.

We offer a unique blend of splendid yet comprehensible set of solutions to your RCM practices. We have your back, we are the support system that will keep your practice afloat in the ever varying healthcare industry. Hop on board and let us direct you financially, clinically and administratively, providing a whole new notion to healthcare.

What We Offer..

We are driven to build a strong relationship with our customers by listening to every inch of their query and solving them accordingly. Our customised services can benefit doctor practices to cost effectively and efficiently meet the regulatory challenges and enhance quality standards in a rapidly changing healthcare industry.

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Enjoy your increased revenues, reduced expenses and improved collections with our Add On Services!


HCC Coding

A mandatory payment model determined by CMS is used to identify the patient’s with serious illness and assign a risk factor accordingly.


Chronic Care Management

We offer comprehensive care collaboration for clients with chronic illness and effective solutions for medical practices.


Document Management

We are here to facilitate your processes by converting all the manual and electronic documents into refined transactional documentation for your ease.


Remote Patient Monitoring

uses digital technologies to collect medical and other forms of health data from individuals and electronically transmit that information securely to health care providers.


Patient Scheduling

Our Patient appointment scheduling service for medical offices can schedule, confirm, cancel,remind and re-schedule all appointments so you never miss a call.



Receive timely pre-authorization/ pre-certification ID details from insurance carriers. We ensure Zero denials for pre-authorization.



We ensure zero insurance denials by obtaining eligibility verification from insurance companies prior to the patient’s appointment.