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Oncology Medical Billing: An Explicit overview of Billing and Coding Guidelines

Oncology Medical Billing procedure requires meticulous medical documentation of treatment and immediate contact with insurance companies to reimburse. However, the Oncology specialty subjects to several limitations and restrictions when it comes to coding for appropriate billing. Here is the precise analysis of CPT codes by experts.

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A Short Glimpse to understand Dermatology Medical Billing and Coding

With constantly evolving technologies and sophisticated diagnostic standards, only experienced professionals can manage Dermatology Medical Billing. Here is the list of common procedure codes employed usually for Dermatology Medical Billing and coding.

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Urology Medical Billing - An Ultimate Guide

Urology medical billing and coding services involve billing and coding for all diagnoses & treatments provided to correct the urinary system's dysfunctions

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MIPS Reporting for the Performance year 2022

MIPS Reporting is the most crucial step as it will decide your fate whether to get reimbursed or pay the penalty after the set period of CMS. Let us help you!

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MACRA & Role of MIPS Consultant

The Affordable Care Act (MACRA) has required healthcare organizations to participate in the MIPS and Alternative Payment Model programs. These programs have been designed to ensure better care, coordination, and lower costs. But because these regulations are constantly changing, many changes can affect your practice.

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HRSA April 4th, 2022 Update

More than 59 million Americans with Medicare Part B, including those enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, now have free access to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved, authorized, or cleared over-the-counter COVID-19 tests, according to the Biden-Harris Administration. For the period of COVID-19 public health emergency, people with Medicare can access up to eight tests per calendar month from participating pharmacies and healthcare providers.

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Chronic Care Management – Its Benefits Down to the Road in the Digital Healthcare Industry

With the changing dynamics in Healthcare Industry, from robust improvements in medical regulations to varied technological solutions; Chronic Care Management (CCM) is the talk of the town. Ironically, healthcare practices are on the edge when they have to deal with the chronic health conditions of the patients. Without any debate, chronic health conditions get heavy on pockets for the healthcare industry. It is where digital health has played a significant role in rescuing the monarchy.

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Cures Act and The Patient Power Game in Digital Healthcare Industry

According to the 21st Century Cures Act (December,2016) , the patient is the key element. Providing patient’s control on their health records and giving a proper digital mechanism to the patients is a huge step towards a value-based healthcare system. The easily access to the relevant information makes the Patient Power game more efficient and effective.