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Common Urgent Care Billing Headaches

Urgent Care centers are growing rapidly as the healthcare industry continues to evolve. Their capacity to deliver speedy, inexpensive and effective medical treatment drives their popularity. At the same time, due to unpredictable fluctuations in patient volume coupled with the fast-paced environment, Urgent Care Billing is more complex than other Medical Billing scenarios.

Understanding RCM Urgent Care Billing Services

Urgent care centers provide medical support between primary care clinics and emergency rooms. Patients receive rapid treatment at a reasonable cost at urgent care centers, achieving a balance between the wait time at a primary care center and the expenditure of the emergency department.
Since there are no long-term patients, revenue cycle management activities may be challenging in this situation. The care staff at the facility must be flexible and responsive. They must also be updated on regulatory reforms since federal guidelines change from time to time.
Outsourcing RCM services allows Urgent Care operations to focus on patient care while making more informed decisions. Since the majority of your billing responsibilities, from coding and submitting patient claims to generating revenue stream reports, are resolved by our capable and experienced staff.

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    Need Specialized Billing Services for Urgent Care Practices? We Are Here to Rescue.

    NEO MD is your one-stop destination for all RCM needs, giving you peace of mind that your practice’s revenue is in safe hands and that no money goes uncollected. The typical concerns for an urgent care center include lengthy patient wait times and long collection cycles. You can make every stage of the patient cycle efficient with NEO MD’s flexible and scalable billing solutions for urgent care practices, from patient intake to collections.
    Compared to other Revenue Cycle Management companies, NEO MD’s Urgent Care Billing services are consistently ranked as the best in the US. Moreover, NEO MD offers Medical Billing services for small practices, medium, and large practices as well. Furthermore, we provide customized billing services to practices across the US states. So, for acquiring our services, the healthcare facilities can find us the best Medical Billing company near me.

    The Services We Provide for Urgent Care Medical Billing

    To meet the specific billing needs of urgent care facilities, we provide the following tested urgent care billing services:

    Charge Entry

    The service provider will collect and maintain accurate data about urgent care centers in a database. In order to prevent any errors during the billing process, our data entry staff makes sure to enter that information into the system.

    Settlement of Claims

    Our incredible scalability and flexibility in the electronic and paper filing of claims while adhering to the insurance carrier’s criteria are accomplished by the expertise in urgent care revenue cycle management we have acquired over the years.

    Reports for Practices

    We frequently provide reports and updates through email based on the particular requirements of urgent care clinics or facilities.

    Customized Reporting Schedule

    NEO MD Medical Billing generates daily, weekly, and monthly customized reports based on the practice’s needs.

    Audits and Payments

    We frequently provide reports and updates through email based on the particular requirements of urgent care clinics or facilities.

    Usually Updated Fee Schedules

    Working with insurance companies requires creating accurate fee schedules, especially when billing for urgent care, hospitals, or emergency rooms. NEO MD ensures that fee schedules are timely updated every year. We negotiate and establish fee schedules as part of our urgent care billing service to ensure that reimbursements reflect shifts in the cost of living and inflation.

    Claims Follow Up

    NEO MD also guarantees that aging reports are consistently updated and that claims are followed up on after being submitted to insurance companies so that they may be reimbursed as early as possible.


    • First level of Claim acceptance rate 95-98%
    • Improve RCM system efficiency with a robust credentialing team.
    • Evolving state-of-the-art medical billing services for small practices
    • Our experts work hard to reduce your front-end denials by 20%.
    • Successfully opening Insurance Panels for Providers
    • Provide weekly, fortnightly & monthly practice financial overviews
    • Offer internal audits to uncover loopholes.
    • Out of Network Negotiations. 
    • Increase the accuracy of fees and collection.
    • Refunds adjustment and Payment posting to improve the cash flow.


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