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Eliminate Chiropractic Billing issues and get paid faster by partnering with our quality billing Solutions/Experts.

Does your Chiropractic coding and billing process prevent you from getting the highest payouts? Or are you feeling distracted or bogged down by the complex insurance billing process? Chiropractors may lose 44% of their annual revenue by underbilling patients. That is a whopping $17 billion annual loss brought on by billing errors. Another common reason for claim denial is medical billing scams, including over-coding and canned diagnoses. 


We realize that it is crucial for your practice to hire a testified Chiropractic Billing service that has the professional knowledge and know-how to get your Chiropractic claims billed and processed correctly. Your practice’s bottom line depends on it. With the outsourced Chiropractic Billing team, you can be confident that your billing is handled with great attention and care by Chiropractic Billing Experts who know how to get your claims paid promptly.

Utilizing Best Practices in Chiropractic Billing Services

If you are considering outsourcing your Chiropractic Billing, you should select a billing and coding professional that will be a true partner in your economic success. NEO MD is a medical billing company specializing in Chiropractic Billing and integrative medical services. We recognize that transparency and expert knowledge are critical to the success of your Chiropractic Practice. To improve your insurance reimbursement rates, our staff delivers an expert understanding of the most recent Chiropractic CPT codes and best billing practices. NEO MD medical billing professional will eliminate denials and reimburse your account quickly, so you can focus on growing your Chiropractic Practice and providing the finest customer support to your patients.

Chiropractic Billing Management Process NEO MD Specialize In

  • Chiropractic Billing

As a leading Chiropractic Billing Services company, the process starts with integrating our services with your existing medical billing software. We gather patient data and verify it to ensure they are precise and up-to-date. As a trusted Chiropractic Billing company in the USA, we can seamlessly integrate our offerings with existing software or help organize a customized Practice Management System.

  • Chiropractic Reporting

Our Chiropractic Billing Services generate Chiropractic reports designed to suit different Chiropractic Practices. As a renowned Chiropractic Billing company, we provide excellent services for Chiropractors seeking an easy-to-use, reliable, and affordable reporting service. This adds to the Chiropractic Billing experience and expedites patient reliability and cash inflow.

  • Chiropractic Denial Appeal

As a trusted medical billing company, we provide Chiropractic medical billing services to ensure that a dedicated team of billers and coders persistently follow your accounts receivable and insurance claims for maximum reimbursements. Furthermore, every denied claim is instantly appealed, with up-to-date data essential to reverse the refusal and obtain full reimbursement.

  • Categorizing The Chiropractic Denials

Our Chiropractic Billing Services classifies Chiropractic rejections in order to improve workflows and research existing processes. This provides us with a competitive edge over other Chiropractic medical billing companies. It allows us to restructure the processes to prevent denials effectively. Besides, regular audits are conducted to ensure quality assurance. Once you outsource Chiropractic Billing Services, you get assured returns through a streamlined revenue cycle.

  • Identifying Business Process Improvements

To determine where Chiropractic Billing hiccups come from, our specialists investigate each category and go into the particular processes. We spare no effort in providing the best services and deliverables as a reputable Chiropractic medical billing company in the USA. The errors might have anything to do with patient registration or Chiropractic coding. We pinpoint the issue and offer solutions through our Chiropractic Billing Services to enhance business operations swiftly.

  • Sorting Chiropractic Billing into Categories

Our dedicated team of medical billing experts works on the categorization of Chiropractors based on CPT codes. As a renowned billing company, we help businesses discover opportunities to adjust workflows and revise existing protocols. Once we have the categories, it will be much easier to retrain billing professionals, medical coders, and others to provide the best possible results. This enables us to discover the Chiropractic Billing categories that provide problems. It also assists in avoiding errors in Chiropractic Billing and coding services. Furthermore, we undertake frequent quality assurance checks.

Why we are an Industry Confidence in Chiropractic Billing Services


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