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Critical Care Billing is believed to be more complex than other medical billing specialties’ processes. For instance, healthcare professionals initiate the Critical Care provision when a patient is brought into the hospital after suffering septic shock. The problem arises, however, when, for instance, the surgical Critical Care Billing procedure is about to commence because billing for Critical Care is based on the overall time and essential kind of care provided. As a result, clinics must keep an eye on the clock and focus on the scope of their treatment when billing Critical Care time. This is why it is difficult for doctors and Critical Care providers to bill for Critical Care promptly and efficiently.

What does Critical Care Really Mean?

Critical Care is the process of providing medical attention to patients who have life-threatening illnesses or injuries. Although it is identical to the ICU, it primarily provides care for those who have cardiac disorders or other diseases that are quickly deteriorating.

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NEO MD is your one-stop solution for all RCM requisites, providing peace of mind that your practice’s revenue is secure and no money goes uncollected.  The typical concerns for a Critical Care center include lengthy patient wait times and long collection cycles. You can make every stage of the patient cycle efficient with NEO MD’s flexible and scalable billing solutions for Critical Care practices, from patient intake to collections.


NEO MD’s Critical Care Billing services are frequently regarded as the finest in the US compared to other Revenue Cycle Management companies. Moreover, NEO MD also offers Medical Billing services for small practices, medium, and large Clinics. We provide comprehensive medical billing services and simplified procedures to assist you in spending less time and money on administrative tasks and more time on delivering excellent patient care.

Efficient Coding for Critical Care Billing Services

Understanding the coding rules is crucial since Critical Care has high relative value units and payments. To report the initial 30- to 74-minutes of Critical Care on a specific service date, use CPT code 99291 (evaluation and management of the critically ill or critically wounded patient, first 30- to 74 minutes). This code can only be used once per calendar date to bill for services rendered to a specific patient by the same practitioner or group of physicians who practice the same specialty.

After the first 74 minutes of Critical Care, additional blocks of time, each lasting up to 30 minutes, should be documented using the CPT code 99292 (Critical Care, each additional 30 minutes).

Critical Care of less than 30 minutes total length on a particular calendar date is not recorded separately using the Critical Care codes. Another appropriate E/M code, such as subsequent hospital care, should be used to report this service.

Critical Care Medical Billing Services Codes



Total Duration of Critical Care

Appropriate CPT Codes

Less than 30 minutes

99232 or 99233 or other appropriate E/M code

30- 74 minutes

99291 x 1

75- 104 minutes

99291 x 1 and 99292 x 1

105- 134 minutes

99291 x 1 and 99292 x 2

135- 164 minutes

99291 x 1 and 99292 x 3

165- 194 minutes

99291 x 1 and 99292 x 4

195 minutes or longer

99291- 99292 as appropriate (per the above illustrations)

Less than 30 minutes

99232 or 99233 or other appropriate E/M code

A partial list of diagnoses that support Critical Care services

  • Acute cardiac complications, such as arrest, insufficiency, or failure, during or following a procedure
  • Acute respiratory distress
  • Amniotic fluid embolism
  • Anaphylactic shock
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Cardiogenic shock without mention of trauma
  • Failed attempted abortion complicated by shock
  • Legally induced abortion complicated by shock
  • Obstetrical blood clot embolism
  • Respiratory arrest
  • Shock due to anesthesia
  • Shock following abortion and ectopic and molar pregnancies
  • Shock, including hypovolemic and septic, without mention of trauma
  • Shock, unspecified without mention of trauma
  • Traumatic shock
  • Unspecified abortion complicated by shock

Why Should You Choose NEO MD For Critical Care Billing Services?

Outsourcing Critical Care Medical Billing services to us can provide numerous benefits you can take full advantage of. Some of the main reasons why you should choose us as your billing provider are as follows:


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