We are the leader in Optimizing business revenue and minimizing denials by streamlining your DME Billing and collection processes.


Due to the ever-changing regulatory compliances, the durable medical equipment (DME) billing industry is constantly renovating. Keeping up with the rapidly evolving DME Billing landscape is a significant challenge, which is why most organizations prefer to outsource DME Billing Services. Many medical equipment companies are concerned about shrinking collections, billing errors, the cost of training new workers for billing tasks, and suspended operations due to a staff shortage.


All current issues might escalate if they are neglected, which would lead to lower productivity and revenue.  If you are troubled by these challenges, outsourcing DME Billing Services to NEO MD Medical Billing is the safest choice to rebound from adversity.  We always work round the clock to increase your reimbursements and improve your cash flow.


Our complete Durable Medical Equipment billing includes the following core services.


  • Eligibility Verification
  • Order Entry
  • Prior Authorization
  • Order Confirmation
  • Doctor Office Follow Up
  • Delivery Scheduling


  • Claim Creation
  • Claim Submission
  • Payment Posting
  • Denial Management
  • AR Follow up
  • Customer Service


  • CPAP User Compliance tracking
  • Patient Collections
  • Re-supply processing
  • Hold projects (CMN/PAR etc.)
  • Fax/documentation indexing and
  • Management support

Comprehensive DME Billing Partner for Best Results

An in-depth understanding of DME Billing guidelines is the key to providing error-free DME Billing Services. NEO MD is one of the leading DME Billing companies offering comprehensive RCM support at an affordable price. We have a team of experienced professionals who thoroughly understand the complications involved in filing DME claims. We use their extensive experience to expedite the DME Billing process and ensure that you receive maximum reimbursements in the shortest possible time.


Billing DME claims involves complying with a stringent quality framework. The constant change in DME Billing guidelines requires constant upskilling of the coding staff. To guarantee precise DME Billing submissions, the NEO MD team of professionals stays up to current on changing regulations. They also help you document procedures in accordance with Medicaid and Medicare guidelines. Our efficient strategies have helped our clients submit 97% clean claims on the first go.

Benefits of Outsourcing DME Billing Services to NEO MD

NEO MD is one of the leading HIPAA-Compliant DME Billing Companies that provide Billing and Coding Services to physicians/clinics across the US. With over 15 years of dedicated Service in the medical billing industry, we only focus on getting our clients paid. Our key features include the following:

  •   Follow-up on incomplete prescription with the physician’s office
    • Follow-up for document collection (diabetic verification forms, LMN, CMN, etc.)
    • Error-free patient entry
    • Error-free sales order creation
    • 100% HIPAA compliance
    • Obtaining authorizations & extending authorization
    • Primary and secondary insurance verification
    • Open order audit and clean-up
    • CPAP user compliance tracking and counseling calls to non-compliant patients
    • Rejection follow-up within 24 hours
    • Methodical and proactive AR follow-up
    • Tracking and follow-up of partial or incorrect payments
    • Timely payment posting to reflect accurate AR
    • Denial management based on detailed analysis
    • Customized reporting

    One of our staff members will respond to your Query within 24 Hours.

    For immediate response, give us a call at (929) 502-3636

    The End-to-End DME Billing Process That We Follow

    DME Billing Services We Specialize in

    NEO MD’s DME Billing Services is frequently rated as the finest in the US compared to other DME Billing companies. Because we have a team of certified billing specialists, you can be confident that we will be ahead of the curve when it comes to new technologies, procedures, and billing protocols. The following are a few hacks that help us stand out in the market.

    Precise Data Entry

    Our DME Billing professionals collect all relevant information about Durable Medical Equipment from providers. They enter the data precisely into a database to guarantee that no errors occur throughout the billing process. This data is meticulously collected and stored in our database for easy retrieval and error-free billing. To expedite claims processing, our professionals take great care to verify that all pertinent data has been precisely submitted. This facilitates a fast and easy billing process.

    Claim Filing

    We have vast expertise in billing DME claims. We rely on this experience to deliver exceptional scalability and flexibility in claim filing. Each carrier has its own billing requirements. We re-order claims paperwork and invoices based on the preferences of the insurance company. After double-checking the documents for accuracy, we submit the claims electronically in the insurer-required format.

    Statements For Practices

    We improve the DME process in medical billing by sending statements based on the unique specifications of practices or facilities. Our professionals deliver periodic statements that are accurate and concise. We ensure that these statements are of high quality, with all flaws recognized and fixed before they are delivered.

    Audits And Payments

    Our team updates every minute detail in our databases once we receive payments and explanations from clients. To ensure accurate data, they do stringent EOB checks. This has an instant effect on claim reimbursements. We update the values in the database for record-keeping after ensuring that all the data is correct and error-free. We will also provide you with the details included in the EOB. This is done to ensure that the amounts reimbursed match those on file for the final settlement.

    Denial Management

    In case of faulty payments or denials from insurance companies, we file appeals and ensure that your practice receives the correct reimbursement. Our DME Billing experts will assist you with effective denial management. They will support you in navigating payment disputes that are tough to settle without a detailed understanding of carrier-specific claims guidelines. We identify and correct flaws in cases where you are denied payment or found to be substantially underpaid due to non-compliance. Then we file an appeal to ensure that you are adequately reimbursed.

    Customized Reporting Schedule

    Based on the practice’s requirements, we customize and generate reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Our reports help you better understand the DME Billing Services.  These reports provide thorough explanations as well as a financial performance review of your practice’s overall resources. Using the appropriate filters, you may produce reports based on simple parameters.


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