Family Practice Billing Services

Entrust to NEO MD Experts for Family Practice Billing Services & Say goodbye to your billing headaches!

Why Is Anesthesia Billing Such a Family Practice Medical Billing Hassle?

Is your billing method inefficient and resulting in insufficient coverage? Are you troubled by complicated family practice bills and terminology?  Make smart choices by outsourcing Family Practice Billing Services to expert billing staff. We can allow your primary care Physician the opportunity to engage in the family practice without feeling frustrated or having unpleasant experiences with patients if you let us handle your billing concerns.


Family Practice Billing is unique because a Physician often treats patients of all ages with various common ailments, and several patients in the same family unit may be billed to the same Physician. Despite an increased number of patients and cases, family practice Medical Billing services can actually simplify the billing process.

Why Outsource Family Practice Billing & Coding to NEO MD Experts?

When discussing the Preferred Billing Company, the term Professional Medical Billing Solutions comes up. We have 15 years of professional Medical Billing experience. Our expertise extends well beyond traditional billing, so we are the best choice for Family Practice Medical Billing Companies. Our insight into the most efficient billing methods will save you considerable time and resources.


We employ various billing strategies that can be tailored to your individual billing requirements. Because we lower the possibility of claims denial, our process accuracy provides better reimbursement.

How Can We Assist with Family Practice Billings?

The ability to bill for family medical services depends on accurate and timely documentation as well as communication with patients and insurance companies. If you intend to work with a billing company like NEO MD, we can help with the billing and follow-up. Our billing processes include the following:

Why Should you Choose NEO MD for Family Practice Billing and Coding?

When you outsource family practice Medical Billing services to NEO MD Medical Billing, you can be assured of the following benefits:

  • HIPAA-complainant service
  • Provider & Staff Productivity Analysis
  • Free Medical Billing Audit
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Out of Network Negotiations.
  • Use of the latest technology and software applications
  • Prompt and effective appealing of denials and incorrect claims
  • Solutions on client software or our software
  • Updates on changing compliance rules
  • Weekly, fortnightly, and Monthly Financial & practice overviews 
  • Certified Professional Coders (CPC) on staff

Time To Offer Superior Service!

With NEO MD, you can be confident that your practice’s financial strength will grow. Documentation errors and a lack of follow-up will cost you thousands of dollars each year. But if you invest in a company like NEO MD, you can be sure that these errors are eliminated, and you won’t lose money anymore. This will ultimately increase the financial stability of your practice and allow you to acquire the most advanced medical equipment so you can provide better services like authorization on a prior basis, accurate coding, and credentialing.

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