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Mental Health Billing Services is a First Choice Solution for all Physicians.

Expert in manipulating Mental Health billing headaches into account reimbursement.

Make Your Mental Health Billing Services More Efficient and Accurate

Are you frustrated by not being able to manage your Mental patients very well? or are you nervous about the challenging task of Mental Health billing? You will certainly need professionals’ hands, and we are here to support you with the most effective, fastest, and accurate Mental Health Billing Services. NEO MD provides full Behavioral Health Billing solutions led by industry specialists to increase revenue. Additionally, our advanced mechanism allows you to make smart choices while avoiding future billing hassles.

Why outsource your Mental Health Billing Services to NEO MD?

NEO MD is a pioneer in offering complete Mental Health Billing Outsourcing Services. Our strong revenue collection process has assisted various Mental Health care practitioners in maximizing their revenue potential in a timely manner.

We have a team that specializes in Mental Health Medical Billing Services. We employ the best Mental Health coders and billers in the industry, and they are particularly trained to provide cutting-edge data-driven solutions to boost your revenue generation. Our staff comprises seasoned individuals, including former Mental Health practitioners, familiar with the business problems associated with Mental Health practices. With the help of this experience, we create personalized billing solutions tailored to your needs, making it simple for you to achieve your goal of minimizing accounts receivable days, reducing denials, and improving collection outcomes.

Top Mental Health Billing Insurance Denials

NEO MD’s team can fix all the Mental Health billing denials by verifying the full benefits, network status & authorization requirement.

  • Incorrect CPT codes
  • Excluded or non-covered charges
  • Provider not enrolled
  • Missing / Invalid information
  • Billing to the wrong payer
  • Overlapping claims
  • Duplicate billing
  • Contractual obligation

Incorrect CPT codes

    • Excluded or non-covered charges
    • Provider not enrolled
    • Missing / Invalid information

    One of our staff members will respond to your Query within 24 Hours.
    For immediate response, give us a call at (929) 502-3636

    The Psychiatrist, Psychologist, and Behavioral Health Billing Process

    Our billing service follows a stringent and exclusive billing system specifically made for Mental Health providers, psychologists, and therapists. We start by looking for RCM inconsistencies and possible revenue streams in your practice. We then establish and set your software in accordance with best practices, improving processes and maximizing revenue. Finally, we assign psychiatry or Mental Health billing professionals to your approach to handle and supervise our established procedure and execute all billing features.

    So, what exactly do We provide?

    Unlike other billing companies, NEO MD Mental Health Billing Services won’t put undue stress on your company’s administration while increasing patient fees and insurance payments.We offer the following solutions for Mental Health Billing Services: 

    • Eligibility verification and Preauthorization

    We speak with insurance companies and provide a portfolio of patients before scheduling a consultation with a psychiatrist to ascertain which aspects of the treatment are covered and which are not. A comprehensive list of benefits is distributed to Mental Health providers to develop a personalized treatment plan for the patient. It will notify the patient of out-of-pocket expenses, deductible criteria, yearly attendance limits, and authentication restrictions before the examination.

    • Claim Processing 

    Our team provides information from patient statistics and insurance records that will help you verify coverage before the insurance company processes a claim. We keep track of your revenue cycle, book reports, and other key performance indicators (KPIs) to make sure billing goes off without a hitch. We offer assistance with secondary claims and automatic crossovers.

    • Prosecution and appeal

    We turn to insurance companies for advice on the status of claims and an appeal for low wages if your payment is late or less than the amount invoiced (if applicable). We can keep you updated at every stage of the Mental Health billing process, allowing you to relax knowing that your bill will be paid. 

    • Patient Billing

    We are responsible for sending out invoices either electronically or by regular mail. We are happy to answer any patient queries regarding billing and payment over the phone.

    • Payment posting

    Payment posting is a key component of our Mental Health Billing Services, as it allows us to keep a close watch on the fees that have been billed to you for your efforts in counseling and psychological processing. Our medical billing system will settle your claims with the funds we receive from your insurers and patients. The document management system saves all payment information for future use.

    • Management of Digital Data/ Charge Entry

    We offer this service exclusively to Mental Health professionals who want to access all outstanding claims, balances, and financial data from anywhere at any time. If you have a limited amount of time to go through emails or enquire at the billing office, we may give you safe access to our online system through which you can monitor all KPIs in a single view.

    • Practice Management Support

    We provide a comprehensive solution that includes credit card processing, appointment scheduling, a payment processing portal, and more. We offer several customizable solutions to meet the demands of your practice.

    Streamline your Mental Health Billing Services with NEO MD

    NEO MD is a renowned medical billing for Mental Health services providers. We have a trained team of Mental Health coders and billers who offers data-driven solutions for psychiatrists, psychologists, clinicians, social workers, therapists, counselors, and other Mental Health care providers. We have AAPC-certified coders specializing in CPT, HCPCS, and ICD-11 coding. Our Mental Health billing service is customizable to your needs.

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