Nephrology Medical Billing Services

Let’s hook to RCM Services exactly build-up to alleviate the administrative burdens of Nephrology Medical Billing Services.

Be a Nephrologist loved by every patient by partnering with customized Billing Services.

To manage billing concerns, Nephrology Medical Billing requires an effective revenue management cycle system. Inadequate and incorrect credentials cause nephrologists’ costs to increase, and claims are delayed or rejected. So an unqualified billing team might cause issues in audits and legal proceedings, which can have a negative impact on a nephrologist’s practice. A specialty billing company should relieve you by removing any difficulties in the billing process, allowing you to focus entirely on your practice. Therefore, the primary reason for choosing a billing company is to complete the claim filing job quickly and with minimal hassle to obtain maximum reimbursement. Medical billing companies must follow current norms and rules.

Let’s Outsource to NEO MD and Enjoy Our Scalable Nephrology Medical Billing Services

As a leading company offering Nephrology Billing services, we can provide you with the specialized solution you need to enhance the success of your nephrology practice. We provide comprehensive Nephrology Medical Billing Services to create an intuitive workflow, streamline administrative and financial tasks, improve communication, and enhance physician and staff performance. With years of expertise, our experienced professionals have helped clients increase ROI, effectiveness, and competitiveness while lowering costs. Furthermore, we offer nephrologists various services, including portals, digital prescriptions, customizable templates, medical billing & Coding, Front Office Management, revenue cycle management services, and click-saving features.

Avoid revenue slipping through the Cracks

Nephrology Medical Billing Services

We frequently consult with practitioners about the services they offer to their patients and how those services might be reimbursed. We often observe that nephrologists do many aspects required to receive reimbursement for Transitional Care Management or Chronic Care Management but do not bill for them. Remote Patient Monitoring is another reimbursable service that is a good match in many nephrology practices.

Revenue Cycle Management

Staff turnover may sometimes cause a lot of problems in a physician’s practice. To enhance cash flow and assist you in staying current with constantly shifting billing and documentation rules, we address this issue by employing exceptional revenue cycle managers. Further, we also send monthly statements to your patients, and they may get help from a qualified revenue cycle specialist if they have any queries about their bills.

Complete Solution for Nephrology Revenue Cycle Management

Common Nephrology Diagnosis

Nephrology Medical Billing and coding revolve around services linked to diagnosing and treating kidney-related conditions. This medical practice typically involves common conditions such as:

  • Kidney disease
  • Kidney stones
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Renal failure and its stages
  • Working with dialysis patients
  • Peritoneal dialysis
  • Kidney transplants

Kidney disorders are often the result of several medical issues that your patient’s primary care physician is treating. This notion is critical for obtaining the authorization to secure insurance approval regarding Nephrology Medical Billing.

    What can NEO MD offer your Nephrology practice?

    With over 30 years of dedicated service in the medical billing industry, we only focus on getting our clients paid. Our nephrology clients may expect a wide range of services aimed to free up valuable time and practice resources, such as:

    • Secure and accurate electronic claims submission within 48 hours of receipt
    • State-of-the-art technology & dedicated Managers
    • Successfully opening Insurance Panels for Providers
    • First level of Claim Acceptance Rate (95-98%)
    • Tracking of coding changes and updates, like ICD-10
    • Aggressive payment collection and follow up 
    • Improve collections by up to 20%
    • Dedicated Account Executives
    • HIPAA compliance
    • Reduce administrative costs
    • Detailed reports and internet-based client access to all patient and account information.

    To learn more about Nephrology Medical Billing Services, request a free demo or call us for more information.

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