Pain Management Billing Services

We Make your Billings Painless through our Pain Management Billing Services.

The financial performance of your Pain Management practice is directly related to timely billing and account reimbursement. We have years of expertise in delivering Pain Management Billing Services. Hiring a competent billing provider is one of the most critical business decisions you’ll ever make for your practice. It is vital that your Pain Management Billing company has the required competence to handle the complexity of Pain Management Billing and modifiers.

Advance Your Practice Billing by Partnering with NEO MD Pain Management Billing Services

Pain Management physicians need a lot of time and effort to establish treatment plans suitable for each patient’s specific needs. They must also maintain current medical billing and coding to manage a successful practice. With changing federal, state, and private carrier rules and standards, such practices require professional assistance to file proper claims and avoid denials.

NEO MD, an experienced U.S.-based Pain Management medical billing company, can effectively handle all steps of your medical billing process. Our medical billing staff has the knowledge to submit proper claims and maximize reimbursement for your Pain Management practice. We can assist you in navigating the changing rules of government and private insurance, as well as providing medical billing and coding solutions that comply with the latest procedures and norms. Our key features include the following:

  • Our Pain Management Billing Services are inexpensive and always on time.
  • To obtain the most satisfactory outcomes, we use the most advanced tools and technology.
  • We keep your data confidential and adhere to all HIPAA regulations.
  • Non-payments and underpayments may be monitored in real-time.
  • Our reports investigate the billing process and highlight potential areas for improvement.
  • Multiple delivery centers are available to provide a speedy response time.
  • We have a proven, time-tested system in place for dealing with claim denials.

Procedures NEO MD Medical Billing Services deals in.

  • NEO MD is experienced in Pain Management Billing for numerous procedures, including:

    • Diagnostic and Therapeutic Injections
    • Nerve Block
    • Facet Joint Procedures
    • Arthrocentesis
    • Drug Screens
    • Anesthesia
    • Orthotics

    One of our staff members will respond to your Query within 24 Hours.
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    Hiring such highly skilled experts for Pain Management Billing Services might have far-reaching outcomes:

    You can expect accuracy in coding for procedures as complex as,

    • Implantable pump refills, 
    • Brachial plexus injection, 
    • Single femoral nerve injection, 
    • Lysis of epidural adhesions over multiple days, 
    • Single or multiple trigger point injections on one or two muscles, 
    • Epidurogram, 
    • Cervical discography, 
    • Catheter placement, 
    • Occipital nerve block injection, 
    • Tunneled epidural, 
    • Or intrathecal catheter implantation.

    Being served with appropriate modifiers:

    • Modifier-25 for effective service that exceeds the norm; 
    • Modifier-26 for professional interpretation; 
    • Modifier-50 for the bi-lateral procedure; 
    • Modifier-51 for reporting multiple procedures during the same encounter;
    • Modifier-58 for staged or related service by the same physician during the postoperative period.

    Other Key Perks;

    Streamlined Pain Management Billing process, traversing across patient enrollment, insurance enrollment, scheduling, insurance verification, insurance authorizations, charge entry, coding, billing and reconciling of accounts, denial management & appeals, and physician credentialing.

    Top motives for Collaborating with Us for Pain Management Billing Service

    When you decide to outsource Pain Management Billing Services to us, you will get several benefits, including the following:


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