Pathology Billing Services

An integrated Pathology Billing service that answers all queries of the pathologists

A Billing service that optimizes dead revenue cycle to new heights with its effective billing hacks.

Pathology is one of the most important types of healthcare since it covers various aspects such as patient diagnosis, lab testing, and scientific healthcare provision. Due to complexities in procedures, pathologists usually rely on third parties Pathology Billing Services. Pathologists devote most of their time to research to enhance and improve medicine. They also develop technology and techniques to combat ailments. If you outsource your medical billing to reputable Pathology Billing Services, you can relax knowing that you’ll get paid in full and promptly.

Why Outsource Pathology Billing?

While providing quality Pathology healthcare, Physicians and practices go through several complications and obstructions. To make matters worse, the billing procedure becomes much more complicated. For example, physicians billing for molecular Pathology have specific priorities and needs in order to function effectively in the healthcare sector. As a result, clinical Pathology laboratory billing complicates things even more and contributes to process stagnation.

When you combine our NEO MD RCM technology with decades of Pathology Billing and practice management expertise, you will obtain best-in-class revenue performance for Pathology companies of all sizes. The NEO MD team always strives to stay on top of the Pathology Billing industry’s ever-changing requirements. Your claims Submission, patient billing, and accounts receivable management are in the hands of experienced, reliable Pathology Billing professionals in the USA. Add in the most customized services available in the medical billing industry, and you can see why so many healthcare providers rely on us!

Expertise in CPT, ICD-10, HCPC Pathology Codes

Some billing teams are fortunate enough to simply have to worry about one or two code types, but billing for Pathology expects your team to be fluent in various coding types while keeping up with periodic revisions. Because of specific equipment and sample transportation services, HCPC codes are very common in Pathology laboratories, and many billing teams haven’t dealt with them in depth before. By outsourcing to NEO MD, you won’t have to worry about your local billing team having training specific to Pathology services: with us, you have it guaranteed.

Key Highlights of Our Pathology Billing Services

NEO MD: Your Partner in Pathology Billing

It is crucial to establish a solid collaboration with a reliable medical billing company like NEOMDINC to have seamless revenue cycle management with efficient Pathology Billing Services. For this purpose, we strive to build excellent relationships with our clients so that we can adequately handle their medical billing. We make an effort to add value and support the overall expansion of practices’ revenue and scope.
When a partnership has been established with a medical practice, we aim to offer specialized Pathology Billing Services that meet their demands. We know that each Pathology healthcare provider’s requirements and expectations vary. Skin Pathology Billing, for instance, is handled differently from clinical Pathology lab billing. As a result, our Pathology coding solutions are designed to address all issues connected with Pathology Billing.

What makes Us the Best Medical Billing Company?

Following are the key indicators that stand out as unique from our competitors.

  • 25% increase in collections in the first few months
  • 98% of claims paid on the first submission
  • Free Medical Billing Audit
  • Significant reductions in A/R days
  • Sharp reduction in denials (Minimal financial disruption due to ICD-10)
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Provide fortnightly financial and practice overviews.
  • Transparent procedures and charges
  • 24/7 web-based access
  • Complete data security
  • Multi-specialty expertise
  • Individualized service
  • Zero ICD-10 disruption


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