Primary Care Billing Services

Improved practice Efficiency and Boost Revenue Cycle with Our End-to-End Primary Care Billing Services.

With our high-quality primary care medical billing and coding services, we specialize in delivering the best customer experience and boosting revenue.

Tired Of the Existing Billing Scenario

Is your current billing strategy inefficient and leading to low coverage? Do you feel hassled by complicated submissions and terminologies of Primary Care Billing? Make a smarter choice by outsourcing Primary Care Billing Services to expert billers. By letting us worry about your billing needs, we can free your primary care physicians to engage in treatment without frustration or negative experience with patients.

Need an experienced Biller! Get to NEO MD Primary Care Billing Services

NEO MD is a pioneer in offering complete Primary Care Billing and Coding Services. Our robust revenue collection processes have assisted various primary care practitioners in maximizing their revenue potential.

We have a field testified team specializing in primary care Coding and Billing Services. Additionally, we employ the best primary care coders and billers in the industry, and they are exceptionally trained to provide cutting-edge data-driven solutions to boost your revenue generation. Our staff comprises seasoned individuals, including former primary care Physicians (PCP), familiar with the business problems associated with primary care practices. With the help of this experience, we create personalized billing solutions tailored to your needs, making it simple for you to achieve your goal of minimizing accounts receivable days, reducing denials, and improving collection outcomes.

Benefits of Outsourcing Primary Care Billing & Coding to NEO MD

  • Minimum of 30% outstanding A/R will be collected!
  • 95-98% –First level of Claim Acceptance Rate 
  • Successfully opening Insurance Panels for Providers
  • Reduces processing cost by up to 60%
  • Accelerates cash flow
  • Free Medical Billing Audit
  • Increases patient satisfaction!
  • 100% HIPAA Compliant Billing Services
  • The Financial Health of your practice will be secure
  • Provide Weekly, Fortnightly Practice Financial overviews
  • Relieving health professionals from their administrative task
  • Compatible charges for Primary Care Billing tailor-made as per the PCP or medical organization’s need
  • Saves cost on employee benefits such as health insurance, payroll taxes, and paid vacations
  • Present estimates and collect upfront

Minimum of 30% outstanding A/R will be collected!

    One of our staff members will respond to your Query within 24 Hours.
    For immediate response, give us a call at (929) 502-3636

    Primary Care Billing & Revenue Cycle Management

    A Primary Care Billing practice frequently includes general and family medicine patients; therefore, it may have one of the most diverse patient populations in any given week. This implies that patients may come in for several reasons, resulting in billing and coding issues emerging on a routine basis. While there may be a few complex procedures performed in the office, minor procedures and prescriptions, in addition to the wide range of diagnoses that must be coded, are almost inevitable.

    Top Reasons for Choosing Us for Primary Care Billings

    We are a leading provider of Primary Care Billing and Coding Services, covering hospitals, practices, clinics, and individual healthcare physicians. We have highly skilled and trained medical specialists who can provide trustworthy, consistent, and accurate solutions for rapidly capturing, recording, and managing your patient-related data for precise healthcare delivery and quicker outcomes. 

    Outsource your practice Primary Care Billings to us and enjoy flexible billing advantages. 


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