Pulmonology Billing Services

Our Value-Based Pulmonology Billing Services Embarked Everything Required to Optimize Your Revenue Cycle

We offer the best Pulmonology Billing Services with the aim to compensate your billing needs and maximize reimbursement rates.

Customized Pulmonology Billing Services Support

Did you know that poor medical billing practices cost pulmonologists up to 30% of their reimbursements? It is very hard for a practice to be productive if it loses money, but we can assist. Our Pulmonology Billing Services generate more revenue for our clients. You don’t have to do anything because our system links straight to yours. We’ll gather all the information required to send bills and manage collections. You may devote all of your time to patient care.


When you work with NEO MD, your practice isn’t the only one that benefits. Your patients will benefit as well since you will be able to provide even better patient care. Focusing on your patients’ needs is much easier when you aren’t trying to find the missing money or struggling to stay afloat.

Benefits of Outsourcing Pulmonology Billing Services to NEO MD

With over 15 years of service in the medical billing industry, we only focus on getting our clients paid. Our key features include the following:

  • Follow-up on incomplete prescription with the physician’s office
  • Our Pulmonology Billing Services will reduce your Practice management costs by 40%.
  • 100% HIPAA compliance
  • Review of diagnosis coding 
  • Real-time transaction audits
  • Primary and secondary insurance verification
  • Obtaining authorizations & extending authorization
  • Regular charge master review and guidance
  • Rejection follow-up within 24 hours 
  • Timely payment posting to reflect accurate AR
  • Superbill design and updates
  • Claims submission within 48 hours of receiving proof of delivery
  • Methodical and proactive AR follow-up
  • Tracking and follow-up of partial or incorrect payments
  • Denial management based on detailed analysis
  • Customized reporting

    One of our staff members will respond to your Query within 24 Hours.

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    You Need a Pulmonary Medical Billing Specialist; Lets Hand-Over Practice Billing to Us

    Pulmonology is constantly expanding, and you need a medical billing company that stays on top of the changes. Failure to do so results in medical billing mistakes, which means you won’t get paid on time.


    Our team isn’t comprised of general medical billers. We have pulmonary medical billing specialists who are dedicated to the field. They have a vast understanding of the procedures and coding terminology used in Pulmonology and stay on top of all the advancements and changes.


    Our medical billers and coders are well-versed in Medicare and Medicaid guidelines, so you don’t have to worry about fraudulent claims going through on our watch. Medicare and Medicaid compliance is one of the prime concerns that pulmonary practices face, so this is critical. When you allow us to help you, you will remain compliant and receive prompt payment.

    Medical billing can be worse than asthma or bronchitis:

    Unfortunately, most doctors have stated that even if they have an in-house billing staff or a billing service provider, they still leave more than 30% of revenue uncollected. This might be due to their inability to keep up with changes in the Pulmonology department’s coding and billing systems. Your Pulmonology Billing might quickly deteriorate if not handled with care and accuracy by a reputable service provider such as NEO MD Medical Billing.

    Complicated Procedures and Treatments Involve Complex Coding

    An essential part of coding is the modifiers, which are required to give the pertinent details needed to be reimbursed for all services delivered. Inexperienced coders can look up the general code for a procedure but often need to know how many levels they need to go down and all the numerically coded details that need to be added.

    Effective Pulmonology Billing solutions:

    NEO MD offers you effective Revenue Cycle Management and AR denial management services. Such specialty-specific solutions will help your Pulmonology specialty stay tuned to billing current trends. Our Pulmonology revenue cycle management service will boost your collections, and our AR trackers deal with your account receivables. Denial management systems may significantly reduce claim rejection rates and transform your lost AR into an acquisition.

    Why Should You HIRE NEO MD For Pulmonology Billing Services?

    Outsourcing Pulmonology Billing Services to us can provide numerous benefits you can take full advantage of. Some of the main reasons why you should choose us as your billing provider are as follows:


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