Memorial Day: A Tribute to Our National Heroes

As we commemorate Memorial Day this weekend, the NEO MD Medical Billing company would like to honor those who have sacrificed their lives in Military service. We also salute the veterans who served with them and are working to keep their memory alive today.

Memorial Day (originally known as Decoration Day) is a holiday that is federally recognized across the United States for mourning the U.S. military personnel who died during their service as part of the United States Armed forces. It is observed on the last Monday of May. The holiday was previously celebrated on May 30 between 1868 and 1970.

A lot of people visit cemeteries and memorials during Memorial Day to honor and remember those who have died during their service as part of their U.S. military. Many people volunteer to place the American flag on the graves of military personnel at National cemeteries. Memorial Day is also considered an unofficial start of the summer season for the United States.

A Brief History

Many cities and people claim to have been the first to commemorate the occasion. In 1868, Grand Army of the Republic General John A. Logan declared a “Decoration Day,” which was widely observed. By 1890, every Northern state had declared it a holiday. Because of the World Wars, it became a general day of remembrance rather than simply for the Civil War. In 1971, Congress renamed the holiday “Memorial Day” and moved it to the last Monday of May.

NEOMDINC Memorial Day Commitment

On this Memorial Day occasion, NEO MD has made a staunch commitment to serve his nation with dignity in the field of Healthcare Medical Billing. The organization has already paved its way into the top Revenue Cycle Management companies facilitating Healthcare practices across all the States.

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5 Powerful Actions to Commemorate Memorial Day (30th May)

However, remember to commemorate these great soldiers by participating in these five powerful Memorial Day traditions.

Visit Former Battlefield

There are several old battlefields from wars in northern Virginia and Pennsylvania, such as the Battle of Gettysburg. Since the Civil War, there have been many battlefields along the East Coast, where soldiers have battled valiantly to defend our country. If you are not close to a battlefield, it may be time to watch great Memorial Day movies.

Attend a Memorial Day Parade

There are parades where veterans march to demonstrate their devotion. Bring your kids and spend time with the veterans. I’m sure you’ll put a big smile on the veteran’s face. Before hosting a Memorial Day party, you may also include a Memorial Day parade.

Join a Memorial Service

Veterans will typically organize memorial service activities for other veterans’ families, friends, and the general public during this holiday. They constantly welcome new guests, so don’t be shy about dropping by!

Raise the American flag

Raise your American flag to express your admiration for veterans. This flag represents everything that they have sacrificed to preserve and earn our freedom. Because it is traditional, the flag should stay at half past noon.

Visit a nearby Veteran’s Cemetery

Typically, a veteran’s burial is maintained by family members. If they no longer have living relatives, the responsibility is shared by many veteran groups in the region. Please assist them by dropping by with some fresh flowers to adorn their graves.

NEO MD Medical Billing company
NEO MD Medical Billing company

FINAL WORDS BY NEOMD, Medical Billing Company

Some people, particularly those from military families, use the holiday as an opportunity to remember loved ones who died while serving their nation. On Memorial Day, in addition to government events, many people prefer to bury their dead family members at cemeteries.

Those who choose to do so are well aware of how memorable and significant the holiday is to those who are burying their loved ones and how emotionally this gesture affects those family members who are present at the actual burial.

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