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Running a Specialty Practice in Texas while keeping an efficient Medical Billing department is challenging. By hiring a Medical Billing service, you and your team can concentrate on doing what you do best: practicing medicine and giving patients excellent care. Whether you’re a primary care physician, a Specialty Practice, or an urgent care center administrator, NEO MD Specialty Billing Services Texas could help you boost revenue at your medical facility.

We take great pleasure in bringing decades of experience to the table as a Medical Billing company in Texas. As Specialty Billing Services Texas, we make it our mission to develop and enforce cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and profitability in your revenue cycle management. The nicest aspect of employing our series is that you won’t lose control over your core activities because you’ll simply be outsourcing your billing process.

Being the largest platform in Specialty Billing Services Texas, our goal is to provide doctors with the best solutions for all of their billing-related problems. We are happy to impart our knowledge to you and promise quick results. Our expertise and technology provide specialized Billing solutions that satisfy the specific requirements of physicians.

Texas Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management Companies

Medical Billing companies use RCM to monitor patient revenue both domestically and internationally. It encompasses all aspects of the patient’s relationship with the company, from their initial encounter to their final bill payments.

Medical Billing Companies have a direct impact on your practice’s revenue cycle management. For long-term market success, medical practices require reliable Revenue Cycle Management Services. Therefore, it is essential to outsource your RCM practice to Medical Billing companies in Texas with qualified coders and staff. NEO MD Specialty Billing Services Texas has doubled the revenue cycle of many practices, earlier running below average rate. Many of our clients who are using our specialized billing services are from Texas.

Specialty Billing Services Texas, Currently, we are dealing in,

We effectively provide Texas Medical Billing and coding services for the below-listed specialties. But we are not limited to;  

NEO MD Medical Billing Texas Services 

Here is a thorough overview of the services our Medical Billing company offer:

Bills and Claims Submission

Our core service connects with your electronic medical records (EMR) system, bringing each visit’s specifics, pertinent patient information, and other data directly into a standardized claim form. This simplifies the billing and claim submission process. Then, for each claim that has to be delivered to a payor, we run a series of claims-scrubbing tools to make sure the information is accurate, and the proper codes are used to ensure optimum reimbursement.

Additionally, our staff manages all necessary follow-up, claim resubmission, and problem escalation when claims are refused to make sure your practice consistently receives the payment you rely on when providing care.

Specialty Billing Services Texas
Specialty Billing Services Texas
Specialty Billing Services Texas
Specialty Billing Services Texas

Benefits Verification

It’s frustrating to learn that a service you provide to a patient isn’t covered by their insurance, resulting in denied claims and accounts receivable amounts staying far longer than they should. We will assist your team by providing Medical Billing services so they can establish whether a patient’s insurance will pay for particular treatments before you offer them. Due to our leading Specialty Billing Services Texas, we stood as the best Medical Billing company in the US in terms of providing tailored services.

Specialty Billing Services Texas; Credentialing 

We take care of the required credentialing if a new physician or treatment provider joins your team or you wish to deal with a new payor. This covers both private and public payors, such as Medicare, Medicaid, and VA insurance. In order to prevent you from losing out on payment because you lack credentials with a certain payor, we maintain your active staff and providers up to date.

Utilization Review

In addition to verifying patient benefits, we also get permission from payors to carry out specific treatments when you are capable of doing so but do not currently have agreements for specific codes. We are your advocates in meeting insurers’ standards to ensure maximum payment in a timely manner since we know that the insurance landscape is complex and continuously shifting.

Patient Payment Collection

Getting in touch with former clients who are still owed money for your services is another time-consuming task your personnel must complete daily. We follow up with potential customers by phone, email, and letter to secure these payments, freeing up your staff to focus on other crucial duties.

Accounts Receivable Management

NEO MD’s revenue cycle management continuously scans your practice’s accounts receivable to identify any unpaid invoices you haven’t yet collected, then goes after the payer or patient who owes the amount. We also record both paper and electronic filings for your records and promptly post payments.

The NeoMD medical accounts receivable program resolves the problems that hinder the collection efforts of individual providers. To keep an eye on these accounts, NEO MD has tasked an entire team of AR Executives with headquarters in Texas. As a collector and the best Specialty Billing Services Texas, we use professional, well-trained individuals in the Medical Billing procedure.

Clean-Up Medical Billing Audit Services in Texas

In addition to all of this, we provide Revenue Cycle Auditing Services to Texas healthcare providers.  NEO MD is known as the “clean-up billers,” able to locate the source of any revenue-related difficulties in your revenue cycle management process.

On the first day of the Revenue Cycle Audit, we frequently have the ability to pinpoint the root of your problems. As your financial partners, we’ll identify revenue cycle concerns and devise a plan to prevent them in the future.

Outsource Your Specialty Billing Services Texas to NEO MD Medical Billing?

It is essential to be aware of all the resources needed to implement Specialty Medical Billing guidelines. A comprehensive overview of the regulations can greatly reduce the likelihood of coding mistakes while billing the patient’s care. Thus, our team will help you increase profitability by keeping track of, measuring, and controlling each part of your revenue cycle.

The NEO MD team provides top-notch Medical Billing expertise and Specialty Billing Services Texas. Additionally, in order to collect client payments on time, we have developed flexible Revenue Cycle Management Services that genuinely fit provider needs. Obtaining funding from each source may increase your clinic’s profitability while ensuring its ability to pay for medical services.

To ensure the updated CMS Medical Billing Guidelines, work with a Medical Billing company that utilizes professional and qualified coders. NEO MD has come a long way in providing Medical Billing services to medical practitioners. Additionally, NEO has been ranked first for distinctive Medical Billing services among its rival Revenue Cycle Management Companies.

What Makes NEO MD the Best Specialty Billing Services Texas Company?

NeoMD stood best among competitors Medical Billing companies in Texas due to the following cores;

Provide Medical Billing and collection services that are of high quality and error-free.

Specialty Billing Services Texas
Specialty Billing Services Texas
Specialty Billing Services Texas
Specialty Billing Services Texas


Who regulates medical billing in Texas?

Submit a complaint to the Texas Department of State Health Services Health Facility Compliance Group (DSHS). This organization ensures that hospitals and other healthcare facilities give patients safe, responsible treatment. DSHS will also look into allegations of inaccurate hospital billing and specialty billing services Texas.

How long does a provider have to bill a patient Texas?

According to Texas law, healthcare providers must bill a patient no later than the first day of the 11 months following the service provided.

Can you go to jail for not paying medical bills in Texas?

Thankfully, unpaid medical expenses do not result in imprisonment. It is against the law to be imprisoned for failing to pay civil debts. Obviously, this same protection doesn’t exist for not paying taxes.

Can hospitals sue you for medical bills in Texas?

State-by-state variations exist in the hospital debt statute of limitations. The period is four years in Texas. The statute of limitations states that the first creditor and any further debt collectors have a certain amount of time to file a lawsuit to collect the debt.

Do medical bills affect your credit in Texas?

Unfortunately, when people can’t afford their medical expenses, costs spiral out of control, and they accumulate medical debt that endangers their health and financial stability, lowers their credit ratings, and may even restrict their choices for housing and employment.

What is the No surprise Act 2022?

The No Surprises Act (NSA), which goes into effect on January 1, 2022, prevents you from receiving unexpected bills if you have a group health plan or group or individual health insurance coverage. It also prohibits the following: Surprise bills for emergency treatments from an out-of-network physician or facility that were received without prior authorization.

Is balance billing illegal in Texas?

Consumers in Texas who have state-regulated health insurance are protected from unexpected costs by both Texas and federal regulations. In accordance with federal legislation, balance bills for air ambulance services provided on or after January 1, 2022, are prohibited. State law bans balance bills for the following received on or after January 1, 2020: Emergency care.

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