MIPS Reporting for the Performance year 2022

Reporting is the most crucial step of MIPS. As it will decide the provider’s fate whether to get reimbursed or pay the penalty after the set period of CMS.

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The performance year 2022 saw a significant rise in the use of MIPS reporting as healthcare organizations continued to strive for quality and efficiency in patient care. organizations that participated in MIPS were required to submit data on various quality measures, demonstrate their use of certified electronic health record technology, and show evidence of improvement activities that positively impact patient outcomes and care.

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MIPS Healthcare Reporting

The MIPS healthcare is the program that will determine Medicare payment adjustments. A composite performance score has been utilized in this program. And eligible clinicians may either receive a payment penalty, bonus, or no payment adjustment. In the present era, healthcare refers to any aspect, service, or device that helps you take care of your health.

MIPS reporting Score evaluation from 2017-to 2021

CMS has attempted to ease people into the MIPS program from its beginning in 2017. By progressively increasing the minimum score from 3 points in 2017 to 15 points in 2018. Afterward, in 2019 and 2020, it stood at 30 & 45 points, respectively, and 60 points in 2021. CMS would continue to observe the rise in the threshold, with an ironic increase scheduled in the coming years.

These days, practitioners are searching for answers to the appended questions, i.e., what is MIPS reporting in 2022?

In 2022, the CMS set a minimum performance criterion of 75 MIPS points (up from 60 MIPS points in 2021). That is the mean final score from the previous performance year. To avoid a MIPS penalty next year, doctors must attain a final MIPS score of at least 75 points.

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MIPS Reporting Neo MD
MIPS Reporting Neo MD

Mechanisms for Reporting

Eligible MIPS Clinicians may also pick to collect and submit data through a variety of channels, such as 

Although the majority of clinicians use a single reporting mechanism, clinicians may use different mechanisms across performance categories (e.g., report quality measures via claims and improvement activities via registry) and within performance categories (e.g., report quality measure A via claims and quality measure B via registry). 

MIPS Reporting Categories

MIPS annually assigns a 100-point performance scale to eligible Medicare Part B clinicians, resulting in a Composite Performance Score (CPS). The payment adjustment will base on the Composite Performance Score, calculated using the reported measures and categories.

There are four scalable categories of MIPS,

Quality Category:

The quality category in MIPS reporting accounts for 30% of the total MIPS performance score for 2022.

What is MIPS quality reporting? MIPS’ Quality category replaces the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS). It requires eligible clinicians to provide data to CMS on quality measures. Such measures include patient outcomes, proper usage of medical resources, patient safety, efficiency, patient experience, and care coordination.

Promoting interoperability

What is the PI category?

The MIPS PI (Promoting Interoperability) category replaced the Meaningful Use program. The PI provides standards to encourage electronic information exchange utilizing certified electronic health record technology (CEHRT).

Promoting interoperability category accounts for 25% of the total MIPS performance score for 2022. And it was the same 25% in 2021.

Automatic reweighting: In addition to the hospital-based and non-patient-facing eligible clinicians and groups. CMS will apply automatic reweighting of the PI category in 2022 for the following:

MIPS Reporting requirements: Following Changes made in PI requirements.

COST Category

The cost category of MIPS reporting weighted 30% of the total performance score for the year 2022.

5 brand-new episode-based measures have been added to the cost category for 2022. 

Improvement Activities (IA) Category

Hurry up, Clock is Ticking for the 2022 MIPS Reporting

Along with Traditional MIPS and Advanced APMs, the MIPS 2023 landscape is evolving and transforming to create space for the new MIPS Value Pathways. As a result, each of the performance categories observed significant changes. The most considerable change is increasing the Performance Threshold to 75 points to avoid a penalty.

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